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d36t is a franchise that works in collaboration with other hospitals, clinics & laboratories and empowers patients & clinicians to choose most relevant, cost effective & accurate diagnostics & screening tests with a fast turnaround time.

d36t offers diagnostics under four products namely dxn1, GScan, GSeek & GFit

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    Comprehensive Pan Infectious Diagnostic Tests with Digital ABST on the NGS Platform
  • gscan-logo png
    Infertility Related Screening / Diagnostics on the NGS Platform

  • gseek-logo png
    All Human Genetic and Cancer Related Diagnostics on the NGS Platform
  • GFIT-logo png
    Nutritional and Fitness Related Diagnostics on the NGS Platform


Innovative technology

The team at Credence, built on the fundamental principles of genomics using Next Generation Sequencing which was further augmented by integrating algorithms with machine learning.

Each product vertical is specific to harnessing the power of data to empower clinicians and patients to perform better and more precise diagnostic outcomes. Re-engineering chemistry to eliminate errors and reduce costs, Credence harnesses data at its own on-premise data farms which would eventually enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be offered for various segments of its product verticals…

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